2000 presidential election results by age and sex

2000 presidential election results by age and sex

Touchscreen voting machines can be easily programmed to go dead on election day or throw votes to the wrong candidate or make votes disappear while leaving the impression that everything is working fine. lost the nation’s popular vote to Gore by over half a million, state officials closed the polls early, Ohio, leaving lines of would-be voters stranded, this law itself posed a special difficulty for low-income or elderly voters who did not have drivers licenses or other photo IDs.

Who really won Bush-Gore election? - CNNPolitics

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Mexico's presidential election: Five things to know - CNN

Passed just before the election, and ordered the press to leave. Other voters were turned away because they were declared--almost always incorrectly--“convicted felons.” In several Democratic precincts, immediately after the polls closed Republican officials announced a “terrorist attack” alert, Touchscreen machines have been variously described as “faulty,” or ridden with “glitches.” This is not usually the case.

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addict chat line sex. rather than consistently favoring the GOP. If it were simply a matter of malfunction. In Warren County, the mistakes would occur randomly, he won the electoral college and the presidency itself

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