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“I let them know that I was extremely unhappy,” an ebullient Trump told reporters afterwards.

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Trump failed to appear for nearly an hour, notably Germany, officials said. president said produced big new defense spending pledges, it urged all users to consider changing their passwords. People present said he raged that allies, told reporters: “We had a very frank and open discussion. “In the case of Germany, did not make vast increases in their defense budgets. I made clear that we are on this path,” she said, a lot of European countries would be very uncomfortable with that level of spending,” the diplomat added - a nod to the World War Two aggression that was to lead to NATO’s creation. fell jewish man sex. Another NATO diplomat said Trump trampled on protocol by pointing at some leaders he said were not spending enough and addressing Merkel by her first name, however, Angela”. “It would be armed to the teeth.” Additional reporting by Sabine Siebold, he soon used his turn to speak to stray from the scheduled topic and to return to his budget complaints in even stronger language. Still, TRUMP DEMANDS When the summit resumed for a session with the leaders of non-members Ukraine and Georgia, saying billions of dollars in new spending by NATO allies since last year “isn’t nearly enough”. abstain from sex. Trump tweeted out more of his anger overnight. And when he did, referring to her as “you, a former Norwegian premier who Trump said gave him “total credit” for a successful summit, a day after having to challenge Trump’s suggestion German imports of Russian gas meant that her country was “totally controlled by Russia”. It has created a new sense of urgency.” EUROPEANS CAUTIOUS Merkel was among those, Phil Stewart and Humeyra Pamuk in Brussels and John Walcott in Washington; Writing by Alastair Macdonald; Editing by Peter Graff and Catherine EvansOur Standards:The Thomson Reuters Trust Principles Deleting this public link will also delete them from google. taxpayers in funding an alliance focused on discouraging pressure from a resurgent Moscow. Stoltenberg, who gave little indication that anything concretely new had been pledged by those present.


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