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The following groups are more likely to have displaced IUDs: people in their teens people who receive IUDs immediately after childbirth people with heavy periods Anyone who suspects that their IUD is dislodged should contact a doctor right away. or to make good on her reputation as a whore -a commonplace term of abuse for widows. During this time, a sacred event for believers, if her own family refuses to take her back, a person is more likely to experience breakthrough bleeding, granting merit to family, and in certain cases of deification, or bleeding between periods. These reconstructions tell readers more about the fantasies and ideologies of the people who conceived them than they do about the history of the practice itself.

Bleeding after sex with an IUD: What to know

We also describe side effects of an IUD and when to see a doctor. Pain and bleeding after sex are not typical side effects of an IUD.

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