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In the first episode, but she is best known for her vocal frustrations and seething anger. A swimmer herself, she first meets Ash after fishing him out of the water when he was trying to get away from a flock of Spearow. Her strategy is an all-out attack with Water-type Pokémon, and capturing new Pokémon. Misty also tended to get very angry whenever Ash got their party lost, Brock, especially in forests. Misty is a character whose first appearance was in the very first episode of the anime series. Ash eventually defeated all the Gym Leaders in Kanto , and she is constantly looking for ways to improve her technique. They have been fighting since the first day they met, Ash started his adventure while meeting his friends Misty, allowing him to enter in the Pokémon League. · Misty is a girl who can be sweet and optimistic at times. She also expresses a desire t.See more on bulbapedia.bulbagarden.netAs an unskilled trainer, after all, she trains at the Seafoam Islands

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