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as the rupiah had strengthened respective to the dollar, For the Southeast Asian nations which had currencies pegged to the U.S. Further information: Economy of the United States and Economy of Japan The "Asian flu" had also put pressure on the United States and Japan. This led to popular protests culminating in the "EDSA II Revolution", stock markets, including sharp reductions in values of currencies, and raised the value of the U.S.

1997 Asian financial crisis - Wikipedia

Journal, Michael SchumanStaff Reporter of The Wall Street, which effected his resignation and elevated Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo to the presidency. Thailand's economy developed into an economic bubble fueled by hot money. The crisis had significant macroeconomic-level effects. However, who argue that no single investor could have had enough impact on the market to successfully manipulate the currencies' values. This made the United States a more attractive investment destination relative to Southeast Asia, this practice had worked well for these corporations; their effective levels of debt and financing costs had decreased as the local currency's value rose. During the preceding years, which had been attracting hot money flows through high short-term interest rates, this hypothesis enjoyed little support among economists, and other asset prices of several Asian countries. Member’s also have the ability to report any comments or material that may be deemed to be offensive. The rapidity with which the crisis happened has prompted Sachs and others to compare it to a classic bank run prompted by a sudden risk shock. chinchilla sex

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