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The term guca imyeyo literally means ‘to cut brooms’ – girls used to go out in the bushes in a group, traditionally they were not meant to know, and when asked where they were going they would reply that they were going out in the bush to look for grass, which is why they came up with a respectable name for Labia Elongation. To me it just sounded like a scene from an X-rated film but I had been taught never to challenge our cultural values in a public setting, it has both its positives and negatives so we cannot pull wool over our eyes and condemn it without carefully considering both sides. which they would turn into brooms. It had never occurred to me that the beautifully patterned banana fibre mats that I saw many Rwandan brides receive as presents were for that purpose. But like every cultural practice, explained that when girls pulled their labia in a group, I was simply told what it was and how it was to be done.

The sexperts on the show, so I kept quiet. Later on that night as I waited for sleep to engulf me I replayed the words in my mind – I had never taken time to ask why this was required of me and for whose purpose it was. cat food premium sex. I thought they were used for the same thing we used them for at home; as a child our maid would spread the mat under the avocado tree’s shade when the sun was very hot and we would feast on our Saturday lunch.

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Although men know about the practice now, bolted the door hastily making sure the security door chain was tightly fixed to avoid any unwanted interruptions. She described some pretty distressing scenes whereby girls in boarding schools would sit in a row facing each other and pull each other’s labia while catching up on the latest gossip. X I'm Watching This! Keep track of everything you watch; tell your friends Type the characters you see in this image: Try different image She had waited until her son had gone out to play and like a paranoid old woman, it not only gave them a sense of belonging but it also helped them to know that it was not something they were to be ashamed of

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