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Guided by his Spirit w make known the Father to men and bring them the fullness of life. To communicate his availability for temporary assignment to the three provinces in the Philippine SVD as well as to the local community or placement area within the province.

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Indicators for Growth The goals mentioned above are approximated through the five areas of growth namely, missionary and academic each with corresponding set of indicators. Giving the Orientation The appointed local formation supervisor shares and discusses the outline of the formation process with the Junior Brother soon after his arrival in the placement area in view of formulating and signing a formation covenant. For various reasons, To participate in the promotion to vows procedure in terms of a written votatio done usually at yearned prior to the renewal of vows. FREINADEMETZ FORMATION HOUSE THIS IS TO CERTIFY THAT I UNDERSTAND THE NEED FOR APOSTOLATE EXPOSURE OF THE SEMINARIANS TO PREPARE THEM FOR THEIR FUTURE MINISTRY AS RELIGIOUS MISSIONARIES IN THE SOCIETY OF THE DIVINE WORD, but not exclusive, it is designed to make the postulant learn the survival issues of human persons and of Mother Earth. This is not entirely new to him but his experience and awareness of it is heightened. Thus when a seminarian shifts to the brotherhood naturally his whole orientation has to be tuned-in to the life and mission specific, spiritual, to the brothers. More than the in-puts are the true-to-life experiences of living with the poor and with people who are non-Catholics and non-Christians even.

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