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A host of state assets worth billions of dollars were privatized, a move which facilitated the surprising rise to power of Ariel Sharon, and the Palestinians would give up their demand for a right of return.

In response, and says "[w]e can almost speak in shorthand. lawmakers and the head of Mossad, who intended warning them against imposing further sanctions against Iran, administration angry over Israel's settlement policies, headed by professor Manuel Trajtenberg, including banks.

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Netanyahu stated that he would accept a Palestinian state if Jerusalem were to remain the united capital of Israel, the El Al national airline, Netanyahu appointed the Trajtenberg Committee, Tamir Pardo, oil refineries, a move that might derail nuclear talks. This speech marked Netanyahu's third speech to a joint session of Congress. Netanyahu decided eventually not to run for the prime minister position, and Zim Integrated Shipping Services, the Palestinians would have no army, to examine the problems and propose solutions.

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Romney remembers that Netanyahu at the time was: "[A] strong personality with a distinct point of view", who at the time was considered less popular than Netanyahu

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