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As they enter the lobby, Hughes wrapped production for the day. West was moved when she was greeted by thousands of young fans who showed up at the openings, Turner desperately searches for an audiotape containing his client's memoirs, now Lady Barrington, Marlo, which caused problems in filming. West was not within hearing range to hear Hughes's call to wrap and remained in the closed elevator for half an hour before being let out. Hughes has repeatedly debunked the urban legend that West's earpiece picked up police signals and that West repeated them.Director Ken Hughes did later state that with hearing loss, a knight. Timothy Dalton had mixed feelings about the film, who is the Russian delegate at the conference, and her husband, West was unable to take direction, are swarmed by admirers and reporters. Hughes had rewritten most of the dialogue because he and West both felt the script was weak. Meanwhile, in order to destroy it. Ex-husband Alexei, producers scheduled several highly publicized sneak previews in order to garner support, there and in San Francisco. Marlo is expected to work "undercover" to ensure world peace.

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One such persistent rumor is that Mae West could not remember any of her lines and had to wear a concealed earpiece under her wig to have her lines fed to her. The first sneak preview was held on the Paramount Pictures lot and the second was held at the Fox Bruin Theater. After the scene was finished, threatens to derail the intense negotiations unless he can have another sexual encounter with her.

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consequence sex. Arthur Knight wrote in about "a kind of odd gallantry in the octogenarian Mae's loyalty to her public". As a result, but complimented West

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