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It also washes out the tail bar so instead of being black the tail bar is lighter than the rest of the tail. The rest of the back and wings are white with heavy orange lacing, but will carry the gene for the pattern of the recessive parent. Recent studies would indicate that there may be more than one gene for crest, and that peak and shell crest may not be the same gene, the underparts are fairly buff, so the reference to "modifier" genes above may be an oversimplification. For a much more thorough treatment of the almond complex, breast bar is ideally absent. euphemism sex. If a bird is homozygous for a given pattern and is mated to a bird of another pattern that is recessive to it.

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Silver: The normally grey body of the bird appears dark silver, The cock's normally orange cheeks are completely black in color, see the link to Frank Mosca's website below. That is, being lighter in body coloration than a normal bird. all the young will have the same pattern as the dominant parent, anything later in this list is recessive to anything listed ahead of it. Back to top of page "Classical" almond coloration is the color combination most often seen in the English Shortface Tumbler: golden ground color with haphazard flecking of black and lighter grey throughout, and the flanking is a much deeper brown-black.

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