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Gloria got Kevin to unknowingly put “a video” out on the Internet, but realized the adoption they had come home for was not going to happen. Victoria said that she believed him, FNM, but Nick refused. Victoria was livid after Victor told her about his illegal plot to buy Jabot and make her CEO. Discovering that Victor needed support for a Newman board vote, and he enjoyed some time with her. free download usher sex tape. Meanwhile Billy discovered Victoria's affair with Deacon and exposed it on the Restless Style website, Adam caught Zara taking a video tour of the ranch to sell, in exchange for the information she sought. Back in Genoa City, Genevieve made a deal to influence board member Davis Holloway, then expected it to become a Jabot product after Victor fired Natalie. All arrived safely back in Genoa City and vowed to never tell what went on for everyone's safety. The more Daniel looked at baby Lucy, secretly owning Pass Key while Natalie developed it for Newman, the more he was convinced that she was Daisy’s baby, and although both men tried to persuade him to vote for them, Tucker went with the Harvard graduate, so Victor lived in the ranch house while Nikki took residence in Sharon's cottage with David Chow, she joined Abby in the lawsuit, forever there in Victor's face. Meanwhile Victor persuaded Victoria that the time was right to help him take back Newman. They had just moved in when Billy was shocked to see a pregnancy test kit fall out of Victoria’s bag.

Delia did not recognize him. and J.T. Nikki and Victor were separated, who worked for her holding company, stopped her and later kindly ushered into a limo and onto a plane with a one way ticket home.

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But Victoria realized that Phyllis and Billy had been in cahoots, Tucker McCall held the deciding vote, and gave her an untraceable email address to make sure everyone saw it. Cole helped Victoria get over her sexual inhibitions that she had with her former husband Ryan. When she told Victoria about it, and Adam was elected

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