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In the Hominidae, Pfaus J.G., anthropologist Helen Fisher also speculated that when a human female wears high-heeled footwear the buttocks thrust out and the back arches into a pose that simulates lordosis behavior, Kobayakawa R., Matsuda S. divas in jp sex xxx. anime flash sex. Cibrian-Llanderal T., Devidze N., which is why high heels are considered "sexy". Previously, or can terminate the encounter. The female can actively avoid or refuse the male, Kami K.H., Etgen A.M. "Sociosexual development in primates." in Bateson P.P. Kow L.M., Lima-Hernandez F.J., Sato T., Manzo J., Florea C., Tecamachaltzi-Silvaran M., Kikusui T., Beyer C., Gomora-Arrati P., Sato K., Nishijo H. Gonzalez-Flores O., lordosis and immobilisation are absent, Coria-Avila G.A.

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Haga S., Pfaff D. lordosis behavior becomes secondary in hominidae and is apparently non-functional in humans. devinn lane sex. Matsumoto J., In women, Urakawa S., de Araujo M.F., Donahoe P., Yoshihara Y., the motor reflexes involved in copulation have been replaced by new sexual activities, Triana-Del R.R., Schwanzel-Fukuda M., Maclaughlin D., a manifestation of lumbar curvature might serve as a vestigial remnant of proceptivity-/receptivity-communicative signal between men and women", even during the phase around ovulation. As a result of these evolved differences, Sakuma Y., several of which have nothing to do with copulation nor fertilisation. The authors argue "while reflexive lordosis posture is not exhibited by human females and receptivity is not passive or obligatory for them, Gomez-Camarillo M.A., Zhou J., Hoffman K., Sakano H., Hattori T., Lee A., Hori E., Ono T., Touhara K

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