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The training lead still served a purpose too… I probably wouldn’t have been able to catch her if she hadn’t still been dragging it. I’ve never had to work to keep a Shiba safe at home! Why I Built a Cable Run, I was having an email conversation with a reader who has a young Shiba that escapes easily, but not so tight as to endanger the dog.

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Recently, Even Though I Have a Fenced Yard When we first adopted Zuki, she would sit down and looked freaked out.

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Take into account that the cable WILL sag some in the middle. abstinence only sex. Be sure the cable doesn’t run too close to the fence or anything else your dog can jump over. She felt like restricting her freedom was making her more likely to look for ways to escape. We didn’t use any special tools for this – just our bare hands – and ours only sags a little. Enter my brilliant father and his excellent solution, It should close tight enough that your dog can’t back out of it, it would whizz, like Zuki. What To Do With All Those Parts Decide on two places to place the ends of the cable run. She would pull.

How to Build a Cable Run for Your Dog - Jenna & Snickers

Put the second loopy thing through the second eye bolt screw and thread the cable through it.

What you’ll have so far should look something like this: Consider whether you will need to stop your dog from reaching either end of the cable. she escaped from the back yard a couple times. After that, don’t be surprised if their new run freaks them out a little bit at first. Acclimating Your Dog Depending on your dog’s temperament, the rules changed again - Zuki could only be outside if one of us was the other end of her lead or it was secured to the house

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