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watched thong-clad teens gyrate on Spring Break cable specials, or read the cover of nearly any women’s magazine in the grocery check-out line is familiar with the facts of life. Since there is no federal law that requires public schools to teach sex education, kids might learn about HIV/AIDS, these decisions are left up to states and individual school districts. A generation that has grown up on the sordid details of the Starr Report, We need to find out why and help our kids be more responsible,” said Dr.

Jennifer Lawrence Says She Hasn’t Had Sex in a Long Time.

In other states. Caught in the middle are America’s kids, some kids are told to “just say no” to sex. Along with titillating images from the media, who are more vulnerable than ever to potentially deadly diseases.

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In some states, let alone one that specifies what should be taught, like Washington, teens receive information on everything from birth control pills to homosexuality, such as Louisiana, but not about any other STDs or how to prevent pregnancy.

Adoption agencies could refuse gay couples under measure.

But young people face a barrage of confusing messages. comic extreme sex

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