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Climate has a significant impact on the growth and decline of ecological dead zones. dubya fetches porn sex toy.

The area of temporary hypoxic bottom water that occurs most summers off the coast of Louisiana in the Gulf of Mexico is the largest recurring hypoxic zone in the United States. Fishing has again become a major economic activity in the region.While the Black Sea "cleanup" was largely unintentional and involved a drop in hard-to-control fertilizer usage. Natural causes include coastal upwelling and changes in wind and water circulation patterns. The Oregon coast has also seen hypoxic water transporting itself from the continental shelf to the coastal embayments, The eastern tropical Pacific Ocean and northern Indian Ocean have lowered oxygen concentrations which are thought to be in regions where there is minimal circulation to replace the oxygen that is consumed. Dead zones can be caused by natural and by anthropogenic factors. the U.N.

Dead zone (ecology) - Wikipedia

Other cleanups have taken place along the Hudson River and San Francisco Bay.The chemical aluminium sulfate can be used to reduce phosphates in water

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