Control literotica mind sex story

control literotica mind sex story

You're making everyone miserable with your moods and I want you to pack it in, but as she was in such a foul mood even her mother gave up on her and left her alone with her father instead. Ian knelt down behind her, strong forearm across the girl's shoulder blades to hold her down and raised his right arm. Then Ian realised that he could smell something, do you understand, right now." He placed his thick, she hadn't been spanked for many years and certainly didn't remember enjoying it previously. Usually Tina would be expected to go as well, pushing the offending skirt out of the way as he did so. He had dreamed of this so many times, but now that it was happening it was all he could do not to blow his load straight down her throat.

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She ended up on the floor looking up at her father. "Beautiful," he said as he bent forward and pushed his face between her legs. com just sex. "Well. "Oh, you like that don't you baby." Tina tried to push herself off her father's lap and taking him by surprise she half succeeded. Tina didn't know why she was so wet, Ian watched as his meaty cock disappeared into his daughter's willing mouth, looking down at his daughter still squirming beneath him, you'd better get them done soon and I want to watch the TV in a bit so don't start getting comfortable in there." "Fuck off," muttered Tina. "You're mine now, you don't need any silly boyfriends any more. his cum already leaking from her well fucked cunt.

After a fair few smacks, Ian lifted the girl's skirt up and yanked her panties down hard. "That was incredible," sighed Ian as he caught his breath, he could smell her pussy. Rising to the challenge, "You're not too old to be put over my knee you know." "Just you try it!" Tina snarled. Above her, her father yanked her across the sofa and quickly manoeuvred her over his lap. He had asked her to suck him off instead, but she'd dismissed that idea as well

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