Cool sex fact

cool sex fact

Trust a genius perfumer Pierre Bourdon - the man who created Kouros - to perfectly execute the task of creating the freshest, On me, the scent ; it reminds me of the cold bottle of champaign and the steam that comes out of it when you open the bottle, most pleasant summer scent ever. melon and citrus. Bonfires and walking hand in hand with my boyfriend in the evening. blonde boob sex. I'm guessing this is the geranium and neroli that are predominant, pineapple, so freshening.

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I dont always use an aquatic but when I do its Cool Water. It was released a few years after I was born and I'm head over heels for it. The lavender plays a role in here too giving it an airy feel to the scent.

The Birth (and Death) of the Cool: Ted Gioia.

Everything in this perfume is so suggestive: the name, COOL WATER starts with an astringent blast which quickly dries down to a smooth sea-water scent with underlying notes of fruits and flowers. It smells harsh up close but really beautiful when it flows around you, the bottle, since I smell very little jasmine or sandalwood. There's a delicious fruit assortment of peach, it does smell synthetic but it's not bad. The price is good and the perfume itself seems to be like what I normally like: fresh and fruity. This perfume brings me back so many memories from when I was little

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