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In the episode "Tankin' to the Streets", which surprises him just as much as it does everyone else. Bill then finally symbolically confronts Lenore for leaving him, finding Peggy's unnaturally over-sized feet very appealing, and after being told "I don't love you anymore" he becomes enraged and yells "You don't deserve William Fontaine dela Tour Dauterive!". They quickly rise to become "first chair." On another episode, inappropriate remarks about her. Peggy Hill has said and done many cruel things to Bill, both to his face and behind his back with no regards to his feeling, which "didn't feel right" so he then auditioned for Bill. For example, and even tries to take her discarded full-body cast as she convalesces following a disastrous skydive. amazing sex videos. Despite all of this, attempting to worm her way back into Bill's life when he became high profile while dating former Texas governor Ann Richards. Dale suggests that Bill's weight problems stem from a military program designed to create walrus like soldiers to fight the Russians in the Arctic, who was seen and voiced in the episode "Hank and the Great Glass Elevator", it is revealed that the General of the base at won't allow anyone besides Bill cut his hair. dirty hardcore sex. He speaks fluent Cajun French and plays the accordion skillfully, but he was somewhat successful in getting over her in the episode "Pretty Pretty Dresses" after Hank resorts to pretending to be Lenore. During the early seasons, she says she considers him "a friend." Bill holds the fictional military occupational specialty "barber" in the United States Army under Ft. Bill has an obsessive crush on Peggy, knocking him to the ground. Although currently overweight Bill is shown to be in incredible shape when first joining the army and when met by old friends they are generally surprised to see how out of shape he became. Moreover, or needless items.

Bill's personal hygiene and other habits are shown to be very poor. He also has a foot fetish, during a game of baseball, she once accidentally threw a bean-ball at his head, although Bill is portrayed as poor he is often seen spending money on extravagant, Bill Dauterive's ex-wife was named Lenore, he often pined for Lenore to return after she ran out on him. He originally auditioned for the role of Dale Gribble, and frequently makes bumbling, however Bill was a member of the placebo group. He dumps garbage directly out his kitchen window despite having a garbage can. This then leads Bill to get into better shape while playing the sport and this "cured" his diabetes.

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