Cruise ship sex

cruise ship sex

In fact, dark rooms, the dress regulations are simple - the kinkier, no kids’ room and definitely no formal black tie dinner with the captain, the better. There are massage classes and even “group sessions” which allow the more amorous couples to explore their boundaries and have fun with others. Besides plenty of kinky playrooms.

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The raunchy cruises are organized by kinky husband and wife couple Bob and Tess Hannaford.

The X-rated trip - dubbed “The Naughty Cruise” - will see hundreds of couples from all over the world leave their inhibitions on land for four days of non-stop adult fun. first lesbian sex story time. the ships also has dungeons, rooms for the ladies and an ever changing lineup of themed rooms for those looking for something different. Unlike a “normal” cruise there is no afternoon bingo, Open-minded folks will get the chance to enjoy a life on the ocean waves on board the world’s most outrageous sex cruise

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