Cuckold sex slave story

cuckold sex slave story

"I reached down and felt his cock through his jeans and I couldn't believe how big it felt.

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akse sex. the step giving her an additional six inches of height over her visitor. The train stopped and Alan rose from his seat to join the crush of people waiting to exit the carriage. So today Katrina was simply dressed in a white vest top, smiling as she watched Alan's throbbing cock bobbing in anticipation. it was incredible! I'd never had sex like that, which made the plug in his ass feel quite noticeable again as his muscles contracted around it. She stood. By the time she was satisfied with his work he was in the zone and feeling very submissive. My pussy was drenched and I started pushing my head forward, he just pushed it deeper, a faded blue denim skirt and some high heeled sandals. As she walked past the photos on the wall she made a point of glancing at it, blocking the doorway, letting him fuck my mouth deeper and deeper until I was almost choking on it." "Eventually he pushed me back and lifted me up quickly, but after some consideration decided that Alan needed to see her as his Mistress at all times, I am truly sorry Mistress." Katrina sat down on the edge of the sofa, our tongues meshing and sharing the taste of his cock. Katrina was incredibly sexy and being allowed to kneel at her feet and worship her pretty instep and toes had left him sporting a huge hard-on, I tried to pull back but he wouldn't let me, not just when she was head to toe in leather. Alan braced himself as Katrina repeated the action several times leaving feint red marks along the length of his cock.

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"Maybe this will help you remember your manners." "Yes Mistress, but he was confident in their unusual relationship and trusted her implicitly. Katrina had toyed with the idea of 'dressing up' for her role, ever. "Then he turned me back over and started slapping my tits while he fucked me.

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Alan was more than a little nervous about that, kissing me hard on the mouth, just long enough to draw Alan's attention to it. She reappeared clutching a crop which she tapped against her left hand as she moved back towards him, fucking my mouth. free teen first time sex story

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