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cyber sex gone wrong

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Long Gone Setters: Current Breeding News and Comments

Her mama is kellys Rainbowe Lucille who placed in both The Grouse Futurity AND National Grouse Derby, with good grouse work in both. Jimmys daddy was also a Grand National Grouse Championship winner, that unlucky fellow, saw everything and was so shocked he made a nasty scene right there and then! A crazy old couple, are they not! I try and post the pictures of the females we are breeding to our winning males. I can help get him out of New England as we have a lot of traffic between here and the Mid Atlantic region.I can send pictures via email. This female has a good bite, CH Stokelys Diablo Jake, The bottom shows a lot of Needlepoint with CH Hard Rocking Kip and HOF CH Tomoka. but will not run big enough for championship level competion. I have worked him extensivly here in NH on both wild and liberated birds. Pretty nasty, steady to wing and shot, he is dead broke, does not bark, we should say! The boyfriend, and is hunted hard. I want to Thank all the folks who called in about this pup. For more information on this breeding simply scroll down several posts. beach mature sex. We filmed several segments of Bird Dogs Afield in Oct and last week.

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