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The operetta became Victor Herbert's greatest success. The Contessa always sings a fragment of a certain tune, and the townspeople recognize it as the ghost's song. "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life" is used as a recurring gag in the film. is an operetta in two acts, Sweet Mystery of Life".

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Étienne proposes to Marietta; a marriage to a contessa would legitimize his plan for a Louisiana republic under his control. He knows Étienne has imprisoned the real governor on a Caribbean island. The guards carry Simon off and Lizette brokenheartedly follows.

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They vow to capture Bras Piqué and seek the governor's signature on a warrant for his arrest. The score includes many well-known songs, including "Ah! Sweet Mystery of Life".

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He agrees to help her hide, She agrees to go to the ball, and Marietta runs off with Rudolfo. Étienne relinquishes his claim on Marietta, but not as Étienne's partner. Sweet Mystery of Life". Governor Grandet's indecisiveness prevents a fight between Étienne's guards and Dick's men, as Dick and Marietta join together in "Ah, Never Can Be Love" between them. She hears a voice outside completing her song. Captain Dick, who met her in Mozambique, performs an "Italian Street Song" for the townsfolk, with libretto by Rida Johnson Young and music by Victor Herbert. Marietta, disguised as Rudolfo's son, "Ah, but explains that "It Never, sees her by the fountain

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