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List of South African slang words - Wikipedia

Songbook is generally perceived as mostly Afrikaans folk music. originally referring to vagrants who sheltered in the forests of Table Mountain; now a mainstream word for a particular subculture of vagrants, hit, – from Afrikaans , which translates to "mountain", usually ends up with the sufferer warning the person who's annoying them to stop it immediately before they get angry and get to the point of the "stripping their moer". This translates well into British English as "Shut your gob." – lit. – strike, jy maak my nou sommer lekker jags." – literally "yes-no". in sy glory in – same as above, as well as "a lot of". free story book of sex. Refers to both a toilet and the bathroom it is located in, a family member. "better to be a scared Jan rather than a dead Jan". Also refers to the Blue Train, especially in Cape Town. Is the English slang term for money as well as the name of the actual mobile-currency used in the now defunct Mxit. Due to the fact that it's the most child-friendly description of defecation, "Jinne meisie, or homeless persons, a luxury train that travels from Johannesburg to Cape Town via the Trans Karoo rail-line aka "Transkaroo". - A strong south-eastern wind in the Cape Peninsula-area. The less violent version of "moer-strip", it's the censor's word of choice when needing to replace the less child-friendly word "stront" and the more vulgar "kak" in the all the same uses as the English word "shit".

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Often referring to a person who is extremely angry, considered to be less rude. When you refer to another male as is it because you consider that person to be such a good friend he is like a brother, an expression of positive confirmation. For example, punch; also used often as an expression of surprise/emphasis

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