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  I did some work in the studio in the afternoon and early evening and will be at the NYS Fairgrounds today to meet with Lenny Sammons and see how the track is coming together at the new Expo Center.

The video system above the floor was amazing and these cameras they have today are amazing. spoke about racing Microds with his kids and the new car he is building right now.   I’ll be off today as I will try to go back to bowling after two weeks off with an injury in my shoulder and neck.   I took it easy on Tuesday as I hoped to bowl but my shoulder is not quite there yet. disadvantage of sex education.

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My wife and I had fun as we headed out to Finger Lakes Speedworld to meet Allie’s car owner for the first time and hang with other people associated with the Dirt Modified Nostalgia Tour. I have seen this place before as we checked it out at the NYS Fair when they had a hockey rink set up inside.   The TV and video I had seen before does not do this justice.   I got a lot done on Monday and finished things off watching the SU basketball team take on second ranked Virginia.   The only glitch was a power issue in the new building during the Slingshot feature. Like I said we will be at the Expo twice today and we’ll be looking to say hi and record as many interviews as possible. It was such a nice weekend as we got to know the people we will be seeing this summer a little more and they got to meet us too. Easy to Search Efficient Diary has full-text search capabilities so you can quickly find your information. I’ll be back in the studio on Monday and will be very busy leading up to the big weekend in Syracuse

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