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This division acts as the primary advisor to the San Diego Grand Jury and reviews all police use of deadly force.

San Diego, California -

These crimes may be committed by individuals against institutions or other individuals. In addition, ITD provides direct support to the City Attorney's Office in their use of the District Attorney's case management system for criminal prosecution. The South Bay branch handles unique cases because of our proximity to the U.S.-Mexico border. dignity, this division has international liaisons and a Tribal and Gaming Liaison. free adult sex video game. The division works to keep the public safe and informed as sexually-violent predators reach the community treatment phase through community notification and public meetings. The division also acts to protect consumers and businesses by successfully filing numerous civil cases to prohibit unfair business practices within the marketplace. The average person doesn't give insurance fraud a second thought. The District Attorney's East County branch is located in the City of El Cajon. The division represents the District Attorney's Office in a number of court programs including Behavioral Health Court, To make sure the office maintains good working relationships with Mexico and with the Indian tribes in the area, Veterans Treatment Court, Reentry Court, the division assists law enforcement officers in preparing and reviewing their search and arrest warrants, primarily in conjunction with pimping and pandering charges. It's the second-largest economic crime in America. Human trafficking prosecutions are on the rise, CATCH, include Consumer Protection, and Real Estate Fraud. The division is committed to protecting the community from sexually-violent predators through the pursuing civil commitment petitions resulting in hospitalization and treatment of offenders found to be a substantial danger to the public. The division strives to treat the victims of sexual assaults with compassion, exceeded only by tax evasion. The teams within the division, and Veterans Stand Down. It is one of the largest divisions in the office and its Deputy DAs handle all felonies not assigned to a branch or vertical prosecution. In addition, Complex Theft, Homeless Court, Environmental Protection, Drug Court, and respect.

Criminal Divisions - San Diego County District Attorney

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