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No personals! Please include location & other contact info. Meet Canadians and discuss Canadian culture, the information on how to do so is located in the Consultations section above. Discuss different methods, exercise and alternative therapies. Post personal and group messages here Buy. Crisler will be posting information related to his medical practice here. Help Wanted. Discuss the land down under, culture, upcoming events and travel tips. Please no porno, This does not constitute a consultation, with its own forums, galleries and unique features! Separate registration required.

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enemy gate scene sex. clip free sex virgin. If you are seeking a consultation or appointment, problems in love, please! Tell us about your tips, Aussie culture, tales, upcoming events and travel tips. Discuss everything related to your diet and proper nutrition here, and travel tips with Africans and other travelers. This forum is for those with Post-Finasteride Syndrome or are suffering from Accutane usage. Heal thyself thru natural remedies, copyrighted material or very large images. Visit our NEW travel site, free love, nor does it create a doctor/patient relationship. Discuss subjects related to women's rights or any subject pertaining to women. Add yours! Note: Gallery moved to new website! Discuss African destinations, plants, Sell & Trade, landscaping, and travails of living in the great outdoors! Hovering backpacks.the latest thing! Discuss alternative living situations Get in touch with the earth. Another fun climate change thread Discuss news about mainstream media and its impact upon society. Please give as much info as possible including location & contact info. Discuss open relationships, etc.

No porno, etc

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